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Is this Course for You?

The answer is "Yes" if you find yourself in one of these 3 categories

1. You are interested in joining the profitable, evergreen industry of Party Wall Surveying and want to know how to do this properly.

2. You are already practicing the profession and want to cement your understanding of some key elements, or making sense of any incidents that may have occurred in one of your sites.

3. You are either a member of the public wanting to understand the basics, a surveyor without experience in the area or you are already working in the construction industry and you are curious about learning more.

Past students have been able to use what they learned within days of completing the course and have since built successful businesses and careers with life changing results.

Success Stories

Past students who are now practicing the profession

Ann Marie Gruszkos, Wyn Burgess Surveyors

Moving forward with my Party Wall work

Ann Marie Gruszkos, Wyn Burgess Surveyors

"I have been steadily moving forward with my Party Wall work in the past year after your great launch and will remain ever in your debt. I can proudly say that life after teaching is rather wonderful"
Gus Gresham, Party Walls Leicestershire

Thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt loads

Gus Gresham, Party Walls Leicestershire

“Very pleased with how things have developed PWS wise in the year or so since your brilliant course.”
Donald Leslie, Chartered Surveyor


Donald Leslie, Chartered Surveyor

"Without your help we wouldn’t be doing any of this work. It’s going better than I’d hoped and I’m very grateful to you for all your help and support"

About the Course

A few things you should know about our Party Wall Surveyor Training

The course contains everything you could possibly think of if you are interested in getting into Party Wall Surveying.

It provides simple and correct guidance as to how the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 works, and how surveyors should approach it. It takes the complexities of the Act and breaks them down into a clear, concise, easy to understand format.

The course includes a really thought provoking post course assessment which is an excellent way of consolidating your learning.

All delegates taking this online course are eligible for the Party Wall Academy membership.

It's Google's highest ranking course for Party Wall Surveying.

What People are Saying

What students think of the content and teaching style

Dave Smith MCIOB

First class in every regard

Dave Smith MCIOB

"I have been involved with training all my life and as a qualified teacher and lecturer I am quite critical as a recipient. Peter's party wall training course is first class in every regard. His presentation is logically structured, the course materials exemplary and Peter has a relaxed teaching style. I wholeheartedly recommend Peter as both an excellent training course provider and a most knowledgeable Surveyor"
Andy Copper, Party Wall Works

Excellent course

Andy Copper, Party Wall Works

"I just wanted to thank you for an excellent course. Lots of food for thought. I wish I had done it at the beginning with you"
Gilbert Gerber

10 out of 10

Gilbert Gerber

"The course gets 10 out of 10 from me across all the categories. Really informative and excellent"

Our Guarantee

Reasons why you won't regret taking this course

- Purchasing the course will give you lifetime access to all the existing content and future updates.

- The videos and supporting materials are easy to understand for people inside and outside the construction industry.

- Peter and his team will provide the technical support, patience and guidance you need in order to succeed.

- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, no risk for you.

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Topics Breakdown

Teaching is delivered in bite-sized videos and based on best practice, the sometimes differing views of party wall surveyors and lawyers, and case law which underpins much of the process.

  • Defining Party Fence Walls, Party Walls and Party Structures

  • Detailed consideration of the works to which the Act applies

  • Notices – content and the necessity for service

  • The effect of undertaking works without notice – trespass, injunctions etc.

  • The appointment and function of party wall surveyors - awards, appeals and fees

  • Ownership in terms of the Act and why it is important

  • Unnecessary inconvenience; Compensation for loss or damage; Rights of entry

  • Payments between owners; Security for expenses

Party Wall Academy Membership has been running specialist courses in the interpretation and application of the Party Wall etc. Act since 2009. We are the sole training and assessment provider to the Party Wall Academy. All delegates taking this online course are eligible for Academy membership, subject to completing two online assessments and a final guided written assessment post-course.

  • The course comes as a complete package and the fee includes a one year Academy subscription, written assessment costs, unfettered access to our online reference material archive and personal post-course support in connection with any party wall matter.

  • Support is provided for an initial period of two months following completion of the second online assessment. At the end of that period, ongoing support is contingent on completion of the final assessment and consequent Academy Membership.


The Principal of The Party Wall Academy, an acknowledged expert in this field

  • Peter Worman

    Senior Instructor

    Peter Worman

    Having come across significant competence issues among party wall surveyors, he identified the primary causes as both a lack of training and limited access to the specialist knowledge required by those taking on this role. Peter was a chartered building surveyor for over thirty years and has dealt with the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 since it came into being. With the aim of advancing standards in party wall surveying, he used his extensive experience to design a course that would provide those attending with the necessary tools to correctly interpret and apply the Act. For the last ten years Peter has focused solely on party wall matters, an area of work he has always found both fascinating and rewarding. He has a Level 4 Award in Education and Training and is passionate about passing his knowledge on to others.
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