Teaching is delivered in bite-sized videos and based on best practice, the sometimes differing views of party wall surveyors and lawyers, and case law which underpins much of the process.

  • Defining Party Fence Walls, Party Walls and Party Structures

  • Detailed consideration of the works to which the Act applies

  • Notices – content and the necessity for service

  • The effect of undertaking work without notice – trespass, injunctions etc.

  • The appointment and function of party wall surveyors - awards, appeals and fees

  • Ownership in terms of the Act and why it is important

  • Unnecessary inconvenience; Compensation for loss or damage; Rights of entry

  • Payments between owners; Security for expenses


The Principal of The Party Wall Academy, an acknowledged expert in this field

  • Peter Worman

    Senior Instructor

    Peter Worman

    Having come across significant competence issues among party wall surveyors, he identified the primary causes as both a lack of training and limited access to the specialist knowledge required by those taking on this role. Peter was a chartered building surveyor for over thirty years and has dealt with the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 since it came into being. With the aim of advancing standards in party wall surveying, he used his extensive experience to design a course that would provide those attending with the necessary tools to correctly interpret and apply the Act. For the last ten years Peter has focused solely on party wall matters, an area of work he has always found both fascinating and rewarding. He has a Level 4 Award in Education and Training and is passionate about passing his knowledge on to others.
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What people are saying:

by Usman Tahir, UCL London [2018]


by Usman Tahir, UCL London [2018]

"Could I just please reiterate my gratitude towards yourself as I benefitted immensely from your vast knowledge and passion for the subject, along with your incredible teaching style."
by Lesley Isaacs, London N14 [2018]

Great Teacher

by Lesley Isaacs, London N14 [2018]

"Thank you I really enjoyed the course and gained enormously from it - brilliant. Peter was a great teacher"
by Gus Gresham, Party Walls Leicestershire [2018]


by Gus Gresham, Party Walls Leicestershire [2018]

"Thank you again for a very in depth and brilliant guide to this scenario, variations and equitable solutions"

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    12 Months Party Wall Academy Membership

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    Guided post-course assessment

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    Access to online forms and reference material